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KeySpan Corporation, now part of National Grid USA, was the fifth-largest distributor of natural gas in the United States. KeySpan was formed in 1998 as a result of the merger of Brooklyn Union Gas Company (founded 1895 by merging several smaller companies) and Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO), and briefly operated under the name MarketSpan following the merger.

Jerry shares his disappointing experience on Yelp, "NATIONAL GRID FUCKIN SUCKS! Some Retarded idiot come to the house and said he had to inspect the gas meters. He leaves without turning the gas back on. I call National Grid (KeySpan Corporation) and they say they are not sure what time they could send someone out to turn the gas back on, I waited 12 hours National Grid did not give 2 shits about the mistake they made."


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Consultant says

"too much office politics and micromangement"

Secretary says

"Must report to work in all weather systems"

Former Contractor - Programmer Analyst says

"Major differences between full-time employees and consultants."

Data Entry & Retrieval (Former Employee) says

"i sat in the attic of a hundred and fifty year old textile mill where i entered data into an excel spreadsheet. The people were nice and the wrk was easy. Cons: no window"

Master Hayabusa says

"Worst customer experience. Truly poor. I placed an order with them and they charged me immediately around £625 as my card was non US. I get an order confirmation and then I notice that the item in question's stock status on the website changed to 'more on the way'. I didn't think much of this because when I placed my order it was available. After two weeks I get an email stating 'currently out of stock' So I contacted them to ask what's going on. Told no update from manufacturer and that I just needed to wait. three weeks later I emailed them - same response. Emailed them again a week later - same response. Then after about six weeks of this delay I called them and waited in the queue for fifty mins - gave up. Tried again next day and after 40 mins Spencer answers and tells me my items will ship in the coming week. Nothing happens for two weeks so I call again. Now told that they will reach out to the manufacturer (were they sitting on their laurels before?). A week later my order is cancelled abruptly and they issue me a refund which by now was £575 because of the dollar to sterling fluctuation! They basically did nothing for over two months, sat on my money and then when pushed, reached out to supplier and then cancelled. What a pathetic way to run your business. Why are you charging for orders for which you don't even know that you have the stock, even worse not sure if it's discontinued? Every support rep is a robot, with such an uncompassionate attitude. Every agent is bad, be it Moshe H, Reuben R, Richie B and more which I've had the displeasure to deal with. Only Danielle, whom I spoke to on 27/08/20 seemed to show some concern about my order. They had a nerve to send me a survey which promoted this review! BH photo video replied to this review and I cannot reply to it directly. So I after reading their reply please read the following. Reply to BH Photo video: It's amazing how quick the reply to a review comes (just hours after posting) whereas replies to my emails take a couple of days. Their site did not clearly show the availability when ordered. In fact, it showed as available (three pieces) and that's why I ordered it. They say that we did not need to be pushed, but that is exactly what needed to be done when I called on 27/08/20. In fact I suggested to Danielle that they contact the supplier and press for an answer. The fact that my order was cancelled just four days later strongly suggest that they did need to be 'pushed'. I have raised the refund difference amount a few times by email and not once was I offered the gift card option, though I doubt I will be transacting with this company again!"

K Al Nuaimi says

"Every non american should know this. I've had my worst online experience ever with them, but after reading some of the reviews on other sites, I figured it out. So, if you are not american, or you don't have a pure american name, you will have to submit a verification, being international shopper, seems fine, some sites used to do it in 2010. I've submitted the verification request 4-5 times, and contacted their customer service also 3-4 times, and everytime you mail them, they send you a ref number, a useless Ref number that you can't use for follow up. 6 days passed, I decided to DM them on twitter, and I managed to get in touch with one of the directors ( communication) he seemed helpful ( at least someone replying) so I mailed them my last verification with ID, work email and I asked them if they needed more (as usual no reply just another ref number) was last Thursday and they went off till Monday. by now more than 15 days had passed, since i got a load of ref numbers I decided to mail the latest one to their communication director hoping he will get back to me with an update, instead he replied to me in a discriminating tone, instead of explaining to me what went on with his verification team, he went on to tell the number I mailed is not the order number. It seemed he saw that I got an Arab name, so probably I still ride a camel and live in a tent, and might stole the credit card I paid with from a tourist. So I decided, to cancel the order and since there's a reasoning option I chose to type it myself and I put my reasons, was hoping someone would get back to me to get clarification like proper businesses, they cancelled it instantly like they were praying I do it. what I'm unhappy about that the days I wasted following up with their bot, getting my mail filled with Ref numbers that I should say it again, you can't use to follow up, just randomly generated number. PS: Henry, Same here no need to jump and support now, I could've used some of that energy talking to your team when I needed it."

Eyal Ashwal says

"i do not recommend to buy from B&H. I've bought a telescope from B&H and it arrived with lot of dust between the lenses internally where you could not reach. B&H have replaced it with new one with the same issue, they did not bother to check the replacement before shipping. in addition i was forced to pay twice custom taxes. I've reach to B&H support and shipping to provide me the export data so i could get a refund (it was lot of money ~500$), B&H have stalled this for 2 month after i was checking each week of the status, every time i got the same response 'we are sorry we will move it to shipping department'. after 2 months they said that they could not help with this issue. they didn't even tried to contact DHL and get this, it should be resolved in 10 minutes call with DHL. i would have done this but DHL can't provide info to me as B&H payed for shipping back the telescope. so, my advise to you is don't buy from B&H, cause when you'll encounter an issue there will be no one to assist you, if you are like me who value support be aware."

Michael D. Anglin says

"Purchased a lens Hood from B&H never received it.. sent many emails to customer service without ever reply other than the automated reply tried to call the toll-free number and said I would be on hold for 2 hours.................................. .... ...since it won't let me reply to b/h comment I'll do it here...2 things one I don't have a garage.. two.. sending things through USPS is foolish... UPS or FedEx never lose packages... I was home all day and never got that package.. but I have gotten about 6 since then from Amazon.. and lastly my area was not affected by the hurricane that was 3 hours away from me it never even rained in my town... but it's all good I've already ordered another lens Hood from Amazon and it will be here tomorrow on time not lost..."